Agrione – Intelligence for the agribusiness

Hunting and Outsourcing

We act as an intelligence company for AGRIBUSINESS, and a great part of our success is a result of our strong team, specialized in finding the most suitable professionals to our projects and our clients.

It is with this team that we provide sourcing and outsourcing (body shopping) services to small, medium, and large AGRIBUSINESS, from the technical level till the highest executive level, in many different areas of expertise.

We also allocate qualified personnel. Your company can count on our professionals in your work environment for as long as you want.

In our processes of sourcing and outsourcing/body shopping, we act with:

  • Agility, reducing the length of the hiring process.

  • Amplitude, because we have a wide “talent bank” for many different areas of expertise.

  • Efficiency in timely mapping the professionals in the market.

  • Knowledge, enabling consistent assessment of the professionals that we will present to our clients.

  • Speed in the processes of developing, substituting, and replacing professionals.

  • Experts, who will understand exactly what are the hiring needs of our clients.

  • Transparency in the relation with all those involved in the processes.