Agrione – Intelligence for the agribusiness


A unique and innovative product for Exporters and Domestically-Focused Traders of soybean and its derivatives, corn, wheat, etc., capable of bringing crucial business data to a reliable database for fast decision-making, integrated with the areas of Commodity Procurement, Execution, Trading, Risk Management, Chartering, Controllership, Accounting, and Finance.


Information technology systems play a crucial role in business strategy and are vital tools to support and follow the achievement of the company’s goals. Agrione Commodity Trading was designed as a single integrated system capable of bringing all data to a central location, integrating the different areas of your company: Execution, Trading, Risk Management, Chartering, Accounting, Controllership, Finance, and Executive Board. With Agrione Commodity Trading, all the companies throughout the world in your group and all your business units can input information into a centralized environment. Redundant tasks are eliminated, and the need to search for decentralized information ceases to exist.

Agrione Commodity Trading consists of four functional modules:

The Execution Module handles all processes in the execution of a contract, regardless if it is soybean, soy bran, soybean or sunflower oil, corn, or wheat.

Through this module, you can define shipping periods, deliveries without shipment (no ship, barge, etc.), deliveries with shipment, wash-out, string, circle, bank assignments, nomination of contract, invoice generation/printing. All this information can be integrated with Accounting and Finance departments, as well as with other departments in your business. You can price your contracts per each component (Port premium, futures, calendar spreads, etc.) or by its flat value.

Benefits of the Execution Module:

Meets ANEC, GAFTA, and FOSFA international standards. Contains a thousand contractual clauses, ensuring data assertiveness and preventing data mismatch, as well as additional administrative costs caused by daily routines.

Pre-generated contract templates based on ANEC, GAFTA, and FOSFA rules and regulations and contractual clauses. Prints all your contracts directly from Agrione Commodity Trading;

Automatic management of a contract’s realizable balance, more or less the percent of tolerance.

Input of information on the assignments of contracts, whether partial or total.

Information on port, loading/unloading fees, and file management (SD, RE, BL, ETA, ETB).

No need for parallel positioning controls (usually made in huge, unsafe spreadsheets).

Fast and easily controls wash-outs, circles, and strings.

Nomination of ships with practicality and agility. Allocates contracts of purchase and sale in a few minutes.

Cuts out the need of finding the shipping documents for controllership.Agrione Commodity Trading allows the user to upload all the shipping documents, and other departments in the company can immediately visualize them.

Report of the ship’s consolidated position, consisting of contracts, ports of origin and destination, invoices, strings, circles, BLs, and substitutions.

Consolidated position with what happened in your operations daily turnover.

Automatic daily alerts for nominations to be made, contracts with pending nomination, settlement, pending contracts that should be settled, among others.

A variety of reports with the position of contracts, invoices, invoices to be issue, etc.

The Trading Module manages the processes of new businesses entry, contract settlement, and Long & Short.
Through this module, you can define the entire range of information that will serve as a basis for the execution of contracts and risk analysis.

Benefits of the Trading Module:

Input new trade slips of purchase and sale in less than a minute.

Price fixes for contracts. Agrione Commodity Trading calculates the final price through weighted average.

Information on ships. Agrione Commodity Tradingmanages all operations of all ships, besides all purchases from third parties. Quick access to all purchase and sale positions both intercompany or from/to third parties.

Through a single record for both buyer and seller, it's easy to manage contracts and your partners’ business information in a single place.

Buyers/Sellers Give-up. Information on the possibility of exchanging futures contracts and when the exchange may be made, avoiding the loss of the negotiation period.

Database with the market prices that may impact your operation. Information can be loaded from any prices provider. Non-standard quotations, such as the Paranaguá premium, can be directly typed into Agrione Commodity trading, providing a comprehensive database.

Input your positions on futures market and product options versus cash and hedge.

Long & Short. Consolidated or expanded view of your exposure. Allows real-time decision-making. Based on contracts, settlements and market prices, the system shows how much your business has bought and sold by period, product, company, etc., providing you with a powerful decision-making tool.

Marked-to-Market (MTM) Open Position. Immediate position on your MTM position, with adjusted financial results and several combinations of visualizations.

Provides an overview of your trading position and your contracts grouped together by company, loading period, and ship, so facilitating the decision-making for the purchase or sale of your physical position.

Access to information managed by Execution and Trading departments.
Your data always at your disposal, without having to exchange e-mails or making requests that may not always be timely met.

Benefits of the Controllership Module:

Positions (MTM). Allows easy comparison between the prices negotiated by your company and those charged by the market, both providing a clear vision of your IFRS and USGAAP needs and preventing the manual effort of obtaining this information.

Realized position. Based on the invoices, it informs the gross margin of your business by ship, company, business unit, and products.

Cash Flow. The information available—such as shipping periods, prices, vessel’s ETA, and invoices—allows you to anticipate the cash flow. This information can be connected to your ERP or visualized in one of Agrione Commodity Trading’s reports.

Assignments of contracts. Allows controlling your Structured Trade Finance contracts within the system itself.

Multiple legal units. All the system’s transactions are connected to a company, a department, and a business unit. The module allows all operations to be linked within the same database, thus promoting the concentration of both data and results.

Accounting Interface. Agrione Commodity Trading provides a wealth of information for controllers, but it is not an accounting system. Nevertheless, if offers an interface for the safe integration among contract negotiation, execution, and accounting, invoices, etc.

Hedge. The Long/Short MTM report will ensure you that your company is protected against changes in the market.

Your company must be constantly alert to market movement. The international price volatility will determine the way your company and your products stands in comparison to your competitors.

Your open position at market price is one of the most important information to guide your decisions with a correct assessment of your risks at all times. Your destiny may change at every minute, and Agrione Commodity trading will provide you with reliable information to act quickly.

Benefits of the Risk Module:

Multiple Legal Entities. A single execution/information system for all companies (consistency).

Divisions among the legal units. Businesses are consistently informed and executed for each division, regardless the entity in which it was recorded.

Multiple Business Units among the divisions and legal entities. The business unit can analyze contracts individually or considering divisions and legal entities.

All these concepts and characteristics make Agrione Commodity Trading operate under a complex corporate structure without creating a “technological hindrance." Besides, web technology associated with the system provides access to all your data from anywhere, allowing you to optimize your performance.